4 Wildly Popular Etsy myths that are slowing you down!


There are two first steps to Etsy success:

  • Believing in the power of Etsy
  • Not falling for silly Etsy rumors

It’s time to separate fact from fiction and bust the myths that are holding you back, so you can build a profitable Etsy shop! But for real this time.

  • 4 totally untrue rumors about Etsy that are flying around the internet (and making it harder than it needs to be for you to succeed!)  
  • What’s actually accurate about building a profitable handmade business with Etsy (so you can quit wasting time and start making sales!)  
  • And the #1 TRUTH about Etsy you might not have considered but need to start thinking about now!  
  • These are 4 Lies & A Truth that will change the way you use Etsy forever!  

Hey - I’m Danielle! I’m a crafter, blogger, podcast host, Backstreet Boys superfan, and founder of The Merriweather Council.  

I started my entrepreneurial crafting journey 10 years ago, successfully marketing and growing my business from $4,000 in year one to $78,000 in year two. Since then I’ve sold thousands of items, had my business featured in both national and international publications, and grown an online community tens of thousands strong.  

Alongside running my product-based business, I teach other crafty entrepreneurs, like you, how to make a living doing what you love, by selling what you make. My courses, trainings, and content have helped hundreds of handmade business owners to get ultra-visible and ultra-profitable. I want you to be next! - Danielle 

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