Confidently grow a thriving craft-based business!

with the support of peers, mentors and experts.


The things that are going to move you toward your big picture goal aren't going to come up in a Google search.

growing a sustainable business that complements your life takes more than 'tips + tricks.'

Deep down, you know that!

This isn't just a side hustle anymore. This is part of your life + livelihood. And you deserve more than internet scraps.

Your dream business needs a confident, focused, supported CEO and that person is YOU! 

But you are stuck doing bits and pieces of what’s worked for others. 

Imagine yourself...

Getting support from peers on your same level, mentors and experts to nurture your CEO-self + learn to make the best decisions for your business.

Cutting the noise and knowing how to determine what will get you the results you want to see without sacrificing than you already have.

LOVING the business you're running and the people you work with because your message and mission are precise and reaching only the right people!

Knowing exactly how to turn your how-to knowledge into implementable strategy that takes you in the direction of your goal - not in circles.

(😍 as the business owner you want to be! Empowered, confident, supported and focused!)

Introducing The Council

The monthly membership experience + community for craft-based business owners that helps you grow a thriving business on YOUR terms.

Everything you need to create and implement the road map to your big goals.


You've got the craft mastered, now let's refine the business

The Council not only teaches you how to build and polish your Jane of All Trades skill set but also fully understand what’s worth your time and effort.

The Council is your full spectrum space for learning everything we know about building a sustainable handmade business that will complement your life - not compete with it.

We are your peer and mentor supporters, your accountability squad, your go-to content library. Together we will give you everything you need to create meaningful work on a realistic schedule, structure, hone and share your unique brand message, dig deeper into your focus and connect with your ideal people. (And lots more!)

We can’t do this work for you - but we are gosh darn excited to help you do YOUR work, YOUR way.

It’s all about YOU - we aren’t handing you answers because at your level, your questions generally don’t have 'answers', you have struggles that need resolution - and as unique autonomous human, the resolutions that work for you probably aren’t the same as someone else, so we will work together to uncover the best approach for YOUR unique business and life.   

What's included each month in The Council Member experience?

😃 So glad you asked

Group Call with Danielle

Open forum, discussion-based time to get personalized support and feedback. Bring your struggles, leave with clarity! (Always recorded in case you can't make it live or prefer the replay!)

Live training with the Council Correspondent

Learn in real-time from our visiting expert on topics you want to learn: Email marketing, Pinterest, Canva, Marketing, Packaging to name a few. (Always recorded so you can catch it any time!)

Live learning with Brianne

Learn from our Resident Marketing Expert through office hours and marketing-focused live lessons or audits! (Recorded, too, for ease of access and flexibility!)

The Council Community

Unlimited access to members-only Facebook group. Your like-minded peer group that just GETS IT. Start a conversation, ask a question, find what you need!

Expert support

Ongoing support from experts. Danielle, Brianne and Team Merri. PLUS expert support from our Resident Finance Expert, Janet and our Resident Pinterest Expert, Rachel. There for you as needed!

Council Content Library

An all-access pass to the most robust maker-specific resource library around! Your business is an ever-evolving thing and so is our Content library. Everything we have ever created for The Council and all lesson and call recordings are inside the library for members to access for the live of their membership. Even if you joined the council for a single month only, you could access everything that's ever been added or created for The Council!

Hi, I'm Danielle, your Council Leader!

I can’t wait to get to know you inside The Council!

As a maker in business and craft business mentor, I bridge the gap between art-making and business-building so you can do both!

I help makers turn their crafty tendencies into profits, legacies and build businesses that feel good to them - big or small.

I've been self-employed by my own businesses since 2010 and have grown and maintained a successful product-based business as well as a successful independent education company. I have built two diverse and profitable businesses from the ground up.

My work has been featured on TV and in national and international publications including Better Homes and Gardens, People Style Watch, The Today Show, Mollie Makes, Country Living, The Knot New York and Well Wed Magazine. I've reached thousands of new customers and built my business by being true to myself, and my talent and by investing in education!  

My trainings and courses have taught thousands of sellers how to make thousands of dollars selling the work they love to make. You should be one of them!

Join us today!

As your Council leader, I want you know the following things about me + what I believe is possible for you:

I believe the world needs more people like you in it. Yup, the world needs the creativity and vision that you have. 

➔ There is a market for every product. I don't care how niche or how commonplace you think it is - your product has a place + an audience and we will find it. 

I still maintain my own handmade business. I'm right there with you! And I know about when things that matter to sellers change or develop because I am one

➔ I know you can build a business doing what you love. I've done it twice already and hundreds of my students have done it as well. 

No matter what your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, or co-workers say - THIS IS POSSIBLE. You just need to know what to prioritize. 

You're an expert maker, you just need some of that left-brain strategy stuff sorted out, and that's where I can help!

The most important factor in making your big, bold, beautiful dream come to life is your own belief and behavior! What you do NOT participate in is just as important as what you DO participate in.

You don't have to be making six figures, or even want to.

You don't have to have a fancy studio.

You don't have to be putting packages in the mail every single day in order to be worthy or ready for the 'next level'.

If you are committed to your vision, mission and dream then you are in the right place to go to your unique "next level."

Should you join The Council? Let's find out

  • If you've already seen that your crafty tendencies can be profitable but want to strategize your way to the next level with support.  
  • If your business is not just a side hustle but a part of your life, something you've invested in...  
  • If you are committed to YOUR dream...
  • If you are ready to invest in YOU and your goals.
  • If you know that your dream business deserves more than internet crumbs.
  • If you believe your success is possible
  • If you want to maintain and enhance the unique things about your business.
  • If you want to be part of an incredible community of makers in business who are enthusiastically growing, focusing or scaling their craft-based businesses as well. 
  • And want your business to thrive on YOUR terms

Then you are a future Council Member.

What part of your business isn't at its full potential because you've been afraid to dive in deeper? 

By continuing to trust your precious, vibrant, beautiful dream to stale blog posts, gigantic free Facebook groups (where no one knows any better than you do), advice from strangers on the internet and free webinars, and cheap one size fits all fixes - you are setting a stage for burn out + disfunction. Your dream business deserves more and so do you!

Don’t let another year go by before you streamline your efforts to see better results and more enjoyment in the business part of your business.

There has never been a better time to lean into your independence as a business owner or invest in yourself.

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Council Members have been featured in prominent places like...


Real Simple

Martha Stewart online

Sainte Magazine

Design Sponge

Junebug Weddings

Etsy Editors' Picks

Etsy's emails + homepage

Southern Living Magazine

Momazine Magazine


Lakeshore Living Magazine

Mollie Makes

Better Homes + Gardens Magazine


Rock n Roll Bride

Seattle Times

Patchwork + Quilting Magazine

Make Modern

The Knot

Horse and Rider Magazine

World Wildlife Foundation UK

Snowday Magazine

Apartment Therapy

Bust Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Council Members have worked with brands like...


Urban Outfitters

The Cheesecake Factory

Uncommon Goods


R. Riviter


Cracker Barrel


Council Members have had awesome experiences like...

Having work in commercials

Being featured shop on Etsy

Being commissioned for big public works projects

Being awarded grants

Having their work appear in films

Getting shoutouts on major influencers' Instagram stories (like Anna Rifle Bond!)

"Without a doubt the best decision I made was joining The Council. They are some of the most supportive and brilliant business owners that I know and I wouldn't be here in my business now without their insight and support!"

 - Tash

"Being a part of the Council, has given me a community where sharing knowledge is the key, also friendships during very emotional times."

 - Nancy

"I have been following Danielle's teachings for almost 5 years and I honestly don't know if I would still be in business if I hadn't found her. She has a magical way of showing up with the right information exactly when I need it. Everything she teaches is on point: equal parts teaching, encouragement and tough love. The Council is the perfect size to feel like a community of friends and the people in the group are some of the kindest and most helpful people around."

- Erica

"I jumped on being a Member without thinking twice, and have never regretted it. The Council is my hangout/mastermind/resource center for my business. The community is like one big group hug where we all support and cheer each other on. I know with support from The Council this is the year for my breakthrough in business!"

 - Ani

This is not like other memberships where a bunch of content is dumped into the membership area and then the leader goes away on his/her merry way... nope, you're stuck with us.

We are in this together!

You will find constant support, engagement and inspiration from your fellow Council members every single month!

The Council provides realistic and concise advice for makers in business as well as an environment of support and counsel.

If you have seen that your crafty tendencies are profitable and are ready to nurture that to grow, scale, refine or better-run your handmade business - then The Council is for you!

"Where do I even begin? Danielle is my go-to for every business question I have. My top 3 reasons for loving everything the Merriweather Council are clarity in getting on the right track, easy-to-follow advice and directions, and taking my small business from making 3 figures per year to 5"

 - Kariana

"From the first day I found Danielle, I have learned from her wisdom about selling on Etsy and owning a handmade business. My business directly benefited from doing the work she suggests. Worth every penny to invest in my business. Thank you Danielle!"

- Tracy

"Danielle is amazing at anticipating what we need before we know we need it."

 - Erica

"Danielle's advice is consistent and comes from her own experience as a shop owner. She knows, because she's been there!"

 - Deanna

"The hot seat changed my business forever. To have the opportunity to brain dump what my thoughts were about my business (dreams, vision, struggles) and then chat 1-on-1 with Danielle live has been priceless...i was able to prioritize the next steps to get exactly what i wanted from my business...skipping the guess and check business continues to grow and i 100% know it started with that one brain dump and conversation!!!"

- Jenn

"To me, The Council is a welcoming, warm and safe community of makers who are on a journey to create their personal legacy in small business. It's rare to find a leader who shows how much she truly cares about helping others and participates daily to move you forward. With our fearless leader Danielle, I know I can accomplish my biz dreams, learn anything I need to grow and prosper, and always have a cheerleader when I need it most. You cannot go wrong becoming a member of the Council!"

- Angela

"Danielle has a way of answering questions you didn't even know you had! She has never steered me wrong. I find her personality to be perfect for engaging everyone and holding our attention. She has a knack for knowing what we need next, what steps we need to take next, and how we can and should evolve. Every product she has put out has been epic. Her courses and materials are tried and true, and what's more, is that she's an ethical business owner and that means a lot to me. She is someone to admire and aspire to be. Her customers love her for a reason. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND with free content, helpful tips, and tricks, etc. Yes, she makes you do work - she doesn't claim she has the easy peasy key to making fast money because there is none. Bottom line - Danielle is the only resource I trust for info on my handmade biz." 


"It's amazing to find someone who has not only done the research for you but seems to know her s#!t, that if I'm gonna spend money with you, you better be giving me some real-life information to work with. I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought from Merriweather Council. I always make that back within the first 30 days of implementing what I've learned. She truly is my handmade biz bestie! Whenever I see that Danielle is posting or doing a video... I mark my calendar and listen! Thanks, Danielle!"

- Vicki

"As a self-employed maker The Council has been really important for me to stay in touch with the outside world. It's hard-working away on your own in your studio day-to-day but The Council helps me stay connected to other makers facing similar triumphs and challenges. Learning new ways to streamline my business and using new tools and strategies helps keep me and my business on top of the curve every day."

- Sarah

"Danielle truly is your biz bestie! She's a great source of knowledge, a confidence-booster, a giver of real talk and tough love, and your biggest cheerleader. I've learned so much from her, but the greatest change for me has been that I've gained confidence as a small business owner. " 

- Katie

"Danielle truly knows the ins and outs of selling handmade. She is concise, straight-to-the-point, and full of information."

- Gillian

"For me, Danielle was the lynchpin for everything positive and growth-related in my business. There was a time before the Merriweather Council... and then the time after. When I say that I really suffered in business because of my lack of education, I'm putting it lightly. Danielle changed everything. I feel more confident in making my own decisions, moving forward with big business concepts, as well as running the day-to-day. I am also making more money."

 - Annika

"I have so much more confidence than I used to, and I'm taking everything much more seriously. I'm making a little bit more money than I was, but I feel confident that the steps I'm taking are positioning me to be making a lot more money. I'm so grateful to Danielle for helping me make this work!"

- Leah 

"I consider The Merriweather Council one of the most important tools in my business. Not only does Danielle break down the fundamentals of selling handmade in a way that's easy to understand and implement, but she's also a constant encourager and confidence booster. The resources that Danielle has provided have helped to increase sales, gain exposure, and make decision-making easier and faster. I often refer to my shop BD (before Danielle) and AD (after Danielle). AD is where you want to be! Her content is accurate, precise, and actionable. And she has a genuine interest in her students succeeding and reaching their goals. I wouldn't trust anyone with my business that hasn't been there themselves. Danielle's experience as a successful handmade business owner is invaluable and something that you don't find everywhere."

 - Kim