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It's time to discover how to leverage the unique power of Etsy + build a profitable handmade busines

Boost sales for your shop, create buzz for your brand, and earn a real income doing the work you truly love.  

Crafted for Etsy 2019


Learn how to make Etsy work FOR YOU - from someone who’s been there, done that.

The Etsy Training Course is like having a crafty business bestie by your side, walking you through a proven process to get your shop noticed and your items sold. 


“I just had my first 4-figure January!”

“I’ll be closing this year out at $25K”

It’s time to make your crafty tendencies truly profitable…  

TRUTH: The “secret” to selling more on Etsy isn’t about working harder, hustling more, or spending every waking hour on your shop.  

There’s another, simpler way to be successful.  

 One that lets you do more of the creative work you LOVE, have time for an actual life, AND earn more money from what you make!  


+ Increase your Etsy Sales without constant tweaking. 

+ Have consistent 4-figure months just via Etsy Sales WITHOUT guessing and checking strategies 

+ Get Etsy traffic organically without spending money on promotions.


Have more time to spend creating new work, promoting your standalone site, and filling more orders.

It's all possible!

Having built my own successful handmade business and helped hundreds of crafty entrepreneurs earn thousands of dollars with theirs, I’ve seen the struggles so many people have when it comes to Etsy…

+ Searching for answers in huge, free Facebook groups, downloading every free guide on the internet, and scouring Pinterest for the blog post that will save the day (but none of them ever do)

+ Watching other makers get featured by Etsy, have items picked up by major publications (hello, Better Homes & Gardens), and wondering what body part you’d need to sell to get THAT kind of publicity.

+ Or wasting time constantly tweaking listings, guessing and checking strategies, and following any advice you can find, no matter how random the source, to see what works (only most of it doesn’t) 

The Etsy Training Course is an easy-to-follow, self-guided program that takes all the time-wasting guesswork out of building your Etsy…  

… whether you’re just setting up shop or have been selling on Etsy for years. 

The strategies in the program can help you to: 

+ Increase your visibility on Etsy, convert more visitors, and make more sales - without constantly tweaking or being glued to your shop (more time for Netflix binges!)  

+ Have consistent 4-figure months - just from sales on the Etsy platform (not to mention the other profitable opportunities, features, and collaborations you can attract)  

+ Boost organic traffic from Etsy and get more customers to your shop - without spending your hard-earned cash on paid promotions or ads (which I don’t recommend - I explain why inside the course) 

+ Land features on Etsy (and their social media channels with millions of followers!), get opportunities for exposure, or even see your item on a big name publication like HGTV!  

 + Have more time for creating new work (aka doing what you love), promoting your own website, and filling all the new orders coming in!  

Hundreds of students have already gotten huge results like these.You can be next! 

“I broke 4 figures in my first 3 weeks of opening”

“I reached my sales goal earlier in the month without adding any new listings”

“My revenue is up 40% from last year & my reviews are up 76%!”  

What's included?

More than 34 easy to follow, closed-captioned, screencast training videos + texts.

Lessons for every part of your shop - customer facing and admin side!

Plus mini bonus lessons throughout the course!

Bonus trainings + content.

Student access to templates.

 What do students say? 

(Spoiler: they love it.)


Will this course work for me if I sell vintage/ supply/ edibles/ something other than handmade?

Yes! This course will work for any Etsy seller! The course explains how to become more visible on the Etsy platform and how to maximize the potential of your shop. It makes no difference what is being sold in your shop in order for this course to apply. 

How long will it take me to go through this course?

You could easily watch and read over all the materials in a single day, though you will likely want to go over the materials multiple times. Depending on the size of your shop and your individual work pace, the time it take to implement the course will vary from person to person! Also depending on your caffeine consumption. 

Is this course good for a brand new shop owner? Or is it only/ better for established sellers.


This course is IDEAL for a seller who has not yet begun listing because it will lay out exactly how to optimize your shop and listings. This means if you take the course before listing anything, you're in a position to begin on the best possible foot and will not have to edit everything that is already in place. 

However, this course is also great for shops that are full because what's the point of having a full shop if it isn't visible? Further, long time sellers often have better personal insights they can apply to get even more out of the course strategies.

I have been on Etsy for 3+ years already, is it really possible I don't already know everything that is in this course.

Absolutely. I have had sellers who've been selling for 7+ years take this course and love it! Many times established sellers get comfortable with a certain approach and don't realize that approach is no longer preferable, or is out dated. Some long time sellers also simply "missed" some things in their years of focusing on making stuff and not paying too much attention to the ever changing Etsy landscape.

Can I access the course materials from a phone/ iPad?

Yes. As long as you can get online, you can access. For the absolute best experience, we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer to work on your shop as you follow along with the course! Don't forget snacks.

Can you guarantee results or money back?

Sure can't! It's actually not-legal/ wildly unethical for me to guarantee any monetary gains and there is no way I could, really. I am giving you the tools but it's your responsibility to use them. However, I have hundreds of happy students who freely share their testimonials and are not paid for them in any way. There is no affiliate program for this course so you can be sure that the testimonials are real and genuine and no one is "getting anything" from me for sharing these. This course is not magic, you need to implement the strategies. It's work, but you are already doing work, aren't you?

Have a lingering question? Feel free to email me at

If you have ever wished you had a friend who knew the ins and outs of Etsy who could sit down with you and just tell you exactly what to do, step by step ... then this is it!

It'll feel like I'm sitting there with you, but it's even better because you can replay it over and over as many times as you'd like!


I'll teach you the best practices and you can get back to doing the crafty stuff you actually enjoy...


If you are still asking Etsy questions to giant, free Facebook groups, you are wasting the time you could be spending doing the work you actually enjoy doing.

You are spending so much time and effort - doing UNPAID work for yourself.

You wouldn't spend hours upon hours doing unpaid work for me or someone else, why are you doing it for yourself??

The questions you have about Etsy are answered in this course, the questions you don't even know to ask are answered in this course. 

Why spend time reinventing the wheel? We've sorted it out for you already, put yourself on the fast track to understanding and implementing it in your own shop!

The less time you spend asking questions, filtering through answers, guessing and checking the suggestions from other inexperienced sellers ... the more time you you'll have for your creative work (the work that actually makes you money!)


I'm Danielle and I've been there, done that and I can help you!

I’m Danielle, a maker in business and craft business consultant. I actually do not like the word "consultant" but it summarizes what I do very well, so let's go with that. I help entrepreneurial creative people like you turn a hobby into a real-life, profitable business. Basically, I am your handmade biz bestie.  

My Etsy shop has brought lucrative contacts and opportunities! My work has been featured on TV and in national and international publications including Better Homes and Gardens, People Style Watch, The Today Show, Mollie Makes, Country Living, The Knot New York and Well Wed Magazine. 

With over 4,400 sales, I've reached thousands of new customers and built my business on and beyond Etsy! Over the past six years I have had primarily 4 and even 5 figure sales months in my Etsy shop.

My training course has taugh hundreds of sellers how to make thousands of dollars on Etsy, and you should be one of them!

If you still have more questions or are on the fence, feel free to email me at with a link to your shop and I'll tell you honestly if this course would work for you! The Merriweather Council is not affiliated with Etsy inc

Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final.

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