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Have you noticed that crowdsourcing is unreliable, big free Facebook groups can be riddled with bad info and Google feels like an endless abyss? This is no way to build your dream business!  

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and mentally tired is inevitable when you are trying to learn EVERYTHING and doing it the hard way.  

Spending exhaustive amounts of time "researching" and "learning" but getting nowhere because you aren't even sure what comes first is a recipe for stagnation.  

You are a talented maker, your product is awesome but your sales are sluggish because you're trying to peice a million things together at once and getting nowhere with any of it.  

Can you relate? 

Do you long for a biz-bestie and community of likeminded makers who are invested in growing their business the same way you are invested in growing yours?

Do you see other makers in business experiencing success and wondering how they are doing it?

Wish things were just a little easier and less time consuming so you could get back to doing more of the work you love?

I get it. I was there once, too.  

You keep trying to fix it yourself and gain momentum but it doesn't work, does it?

You know it's time to get help so you can get back to doing more of the work you love.

You already have a big job - you're the CEO, the president, the photographer, the production team, the intern, the marketing person... you are ALL of these things. 

And you need to be able to show up every day to work as the best possible you in order to do all these jobs well! The best possible you is not stressed, frazzled, depleted or anxious. 

The best you is educated and confident. And those are just two of the things you'll gain by being inside The Council!

The fastest way to kill your business is to stagnate, you are more likely to stagnate if you are spending all your time "learning" and none of your time doing the work you actually care about.

If I had an experienced friend who could shine a light ahead for me on how to scale my handmade business when I had first started, I would proably have achieved it much sooner.

I can't do it for you, but I'm going to make it a lot easier for you to do it for yourself.

Spend less time guessing and more time learning what's actually worth your time, the proper way to use it, without distraction.

Time is money. And some things just aren't Google-able.

If you spend all the time learning and experimenting, you'll be "late to the party" and miss multiple opportunities in this ever changing handmade business landcape.

If you know there is more opportunity for you in your business, but are intimidated by tech, time, or money we can change the script for you!

an exclusive monthly membership for handmade business owners.

Join us today for just $38/month!

As your council leader, I think it's important you know the following things about me + what I believe is possible for you:

➔ I believe the world needs more people like you in it. Yup, the world needs the creativity and vision that you have. 

➔ There is a market for every product. I don't care how niche it is or how commonplace you think it is - your product has a place and we will find it. 

I still maintain my own handmade business. While I have had to reduce the amount of time I spend in my handmade business in order to help you reach your goals, I still actively maintain my shop and business and fill orders throughout the year. I'm right there with you! And I know about when things that matter to sellers change, or develop because I am one. I still practice my craft and am there in the trenches doing all the things that you're doing.

➔ I know you can build a business doing what you love. I've done it twice already and my students have done it as well. 

No matter what your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend or co workers say - THIS IS POSSIBLE. You just need to know what to do. 

You're an expert maker, you just need some of that left brain business stuff sorted out, and that's where I can help!

non-overwhelming structure

We believe there is life + opportunity ON AND BEYOND Etsy. While Etsy is almost always a part of the picture for Council members, it cannot and should not be the be-all, end-all. Inside of the Council you will find content that is not specific to any one platform. We cover strategies and approaches that can be applied to any channel, or better yet: sewn into the fabric of your business regardless of where it exists.

Etsy is a wonderful tool that we want all of our Council members to leverage as much as possible, but we know for sure that that diversity and autonomy are huge factors for growth and success, so we provide content that can certainly relate to Etsy but is not ONLY for Etsy sellers. 

The great majority of our Council members hold a presence on and off Etsy, which we strongly encourage. 

When you join The Council you will get three pieces of fresh content every month. 

1 guest expert recorded interview, 1 wildcard how to tutorial, swipe file, or other lesson and a live monthly group call (picture an exclusive webinar) where we will host hot seats, shop crits or live coaching! 

Joining The Council also gets you access to a community of makers in business who GET IT and who are invested in their own business the same way you are invested in yours! 

This community can provide support, encouragement, feedback and let's face it - empathy. (Everyone needs a good vent now and then) away from the prying eyes of the public, amongst friends, in a safe and supportive space.

Team Huddle

Access to a a private members only Facebook hosted group. Be as involved as you'd like! If Facebook isn't your scene, you've still got access to all the goodies inside The Council.

You will find constant support, enagement and inspiration from the council EVERY SINGLE MONTH! It will your own TRIBE of heart-hustlers and go-getters in the handmade business...

Save Time

Saving time does the following:  

->saves money  

->makes more money available to you  

->gives you more freedom with less distractions  

->maintains your focus  

->eliminates fatigue  

And time is a gift I'm giving you...  

Live Calls

Every month we will have a live group call where the real magic will inevitably unfold. Live calls will include hot seats, 1-1s with Danielle that everyone can learn from, Q+As and more! If you've got a struggle, I want to help you sort it out - and if you're up for sitting in the hot seat you'll have the chance tow work with me 1-1! (Don't worry, we know our members live all over the world so we will switch up the times to better suit more members, more often.) Plus, all calls will be recorded and archived within The Council so you can re watch, or watch later as many times as you like!


Confidence - when you "know before you go" you'll establish the answers you need before you even get to the point of having to ask.  

You'll have the skills to do better work, faster, without having to crowdsource for reassurance or guidance on every minor thing! You've got enough to do!  

Gain the confidence to manage and grow your business as you not as everyone else.

Tutorials , Swipe files , Worksheets + audits

How to tutorials, swipe files and worksheets, oh my! Every month, a tutorial, demo, walk through, swipe file or other fabulously insightful lesson will be added to The Council. This is merriweather council content that will not be available elsewhere - and if it were - it would cost a lot more than you'll have paid for it.

We also do monthly member site/ shop/ blog/ account or other audits!

Amazing Content 

Content - delivered at a non-overwhelming pace in a concise, no fluff, audio/ visual fashion. You'll learn with fewer distractions in a way that works for you, visual learner you!

Additionally, you'll never have to worry about missing a live broadcast. If there is a live broadcast outside of The Council we will archive it within The Council for you. Plus all monthly Live Calls will be recorded so you can catch them any time -or rewatch them later as well!

Expert Guest Interviews

Guest expert interviews provide Council Members with insights into some of the trickiest topics in handmade business: finances, planning and systems, legal issues, and web development, for example.  

These experts also provide inspiration for exploring new and exciting frontiers such as video, wholesale and branding.

Immediate Easy Access

Access from anywhere - anytime. If you have an internet connection, you are just a few clicks away from your Council content! The Council content is available for you to watch, listen to, or otherwise consume on your schedule. Once a piece is added to The Council, it's there for you to access ongoing.

We've got your back

To reduce overwhelm and increase productivity and focus we have created content bundles to guide you through existing council content based on whatever stage you're at!

join us today and stay as long as you'd like!
get in on this now!

Just a small sampling of what's already inside of the council

Merri U Marketing + Merchandising Class // a $99 value, free inside of The Council

The Council content is available to you for as long as you are a member! No overwhelm! Take your time with what's inside and revisit it when you need.

"It's amazing to find someone who has not only done the research for you but seems to know her s#!t, that if I'm gonna spend money with you, you better be giving me some real-life information to work with. I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought from Merriweather Council. I always make that back within the first 30 days of implementing what I've learned. She truly is my handmade biz bestie! Whenever I see that Danielle is posting or doing a video... I mark my calendar and listen! Thanks, Danielle!"

- Vicki

"From the first day I found Danielle, I have learned from her wisdom about selling on Etsy and owning a handmade business. My business directly benefited from doing the work she suggests. Worth every penny to invest in my business. Thank you Danielle!"

- Tracy

"Where do I even begin? Danielle is my go-to for every business question I have. My top 3 reasons for loving everything the Merriweather Council are clarity in getting on the right track, easy-to-follow advice and directions, and taking my small business from making 3 figures per year to 5"

 - Kariana

"Danielle's advice is consistent and comes from her own experience as a shop owner. She knows, because she's been there!"

 - Deanna

"What I appreciate most about Danielle is her level of integrity. She genuinely cares about her students and delivers on anything she says she is going to do. Danielle keeps up with the pace. She doesn't waste my time with fluff or filler. She's pretty much the bees knees and the only biz mentor I need to keep my business healthy." 

- Mae 

"For me, danielle was the lynchpin for everything positive and growth related in my business. There was a time before the merriweather council... and then the time after. When I say that I really suffered in business because of my lack of education, I'm putting it lightly. Danielle changed everything. I feel more confident in making own own decisions, moving forward with big business concepts, as well as running the day to day. I am also making more money."

 - Annika

get instant access to the council content + community

This is not like other memberships where the owner dumps a bunch of content into the membership area and then goes away on his/her merry way... nope, you're stuck with me.

When you join The Council you will get three pieces of fresh content every month. 1 guest expert recorded interview, 1 wildcard how to tutorial or swipe file, and a live monthly group call where we will host hot seats, shop critiques and live coaching. You'll also gain access to site crits and audits!

You will find constant support, enagement and inspiration from The Council EVERY SINGLE MONTH! It will be your own TRIBE of heart-hustlers and go-getters in the handmade business...

The Council provides realistic and concise advice for makers in business. If you are looking to turn your crafty tendencies into profits - and to grow your handmade business even more - then The Council is for you!

For $38, you could have one manicure + pedicure (before tip!) that lasts a week - OR you could get yourself into The Council and gain the confidence you need to run and grow your business the way YOU want to.

For $38 you could eat a less-than-amazing meal, with dessert, at Wendy's with your spouse and 2 kids OR you could learn from at least two experts every month about things that will take your business to the next level.

For $38 a month you could have all of this plus the community of invested makers in business -- or you could have 7 Frappuccinos (we determined that your Council Membership is a healthier choice. *wink wink*)

sales page spring 18 bottom from Danielle Spurge on Vimeo.

"Danielle has a way of answering questions you didn't even know you had! She has never steered me wrong. I find her personality to be perfect for engaging everyone and holding our attention. She has a knack for knowing what we need next, what steps we need to take next, and how we can and should evolve. Every product she has put out has been epic. Her courses and materials are tried and true, and what's more is that she's an ethical business owner and that means a lot to me. She is someone to admire and aspire to be. Her customers love her for a reason. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND with free content, helpful tips and tricks, etc. Yes, she makes you do work - she doesn't claim she has the easy peasy key to making fast money because there is none. Bottom line - Danielle is the only resource I trust for info on my handmade biz." 


Danielle truly is your biz bestie! She's a great source of knowledge, a confidence-booster, a giver of real talk and tough love, and your biggest cheerleader. I've learned so much from her, but the greatest change for me has been that I've gained confidence as a small business owner. " 

- Katie


How does it work?

After clicking any of our beautiful join buttons you will be taken to a page where you can select to pay with PayPal or process your credit card securely through Stripe. You will be setting up a monthly plan that will charge every month at the amount you start your membership at, no more, no less, until you cancel your membership. After processing your payment and setting up your subscription, you will register a Council Member account. From there, it will be super obvious what happens next!

What if I prefer to pay for the entire year up front?

Please contact me at if you prefer to pay annually.

Is this just for newbies?

No way! The Council is going to be a place for makers at all stages to grow and learn! I learned a ton even just speaking with the guest experts and I've been doing this for seven years. Things change every year, too! So no matter how long you've been in business, I'm sure you'll get at least your subscription's amount worth of value each month - but probably more like 3-4x that amount :)

How much 1-1 time with Danielle will i have?

Danielle's hope is that by creating the Council, she can help more people and reach them by meeting them where they are. Danielle will be active in the members community - and will of course show up bright eyed and bushy tailed for each month's live call -but this is not a 1-1 coaching program. Danielle has spent a lot of time figuring out how to make The Council both incredibly affordable AND immensely useful!

How much of the content is video/ written/ etc?

Most of the content within The Council is audio/ visual. From podcast style recordings to full blown on screen tutorials, Danielle has found that her people (you) learn best by watching and listening. You're always using your hands so we don't want you to have to hold-and-scroll for hours and hours reading. There will of course be some written content or document pieces but for the most part you can expect to listen and learn or watch and work!

Do i have to remain a member for a pre determined amount of time?

While we sure hope you'll want to maintain your membership for an extended period of time, we are not going to lock you in to anything. You are free to leave at any time. Just remember that no payments will be refunded, so if you are planning to cancel your membership, we suggest being sure of where you are in your pay schedule before cancelling.

The content sounds great but what if I don't do Facebook groups?

Not a problem! Facebook isn't for everyone. We chose to host our community there because it does seem to be getting quite a bit of use ;) both here in the USA and internationally. While our community is likely to be an amazing part of your Membership, you can still enjoy the Council content fully. Our live calls will be hosted off Facebook as well, so if you never want to use Facebook, you totally do not have to! You can be as involved or as introverted as you'd like. No judgement from us!

What is the distribution schedule for The Council content?

While we plan to release new content on wednesdays, our live calls will happen on various days dependent on the month/ week. Live calls will be announced well in advance so you can plan to be there :). If there is a federal holiday or there is a known "black out" time - such as the week of Independence Day or the days immediately after Thanksgiving - we will adjust content distribution to account for your holiday festivities and such! Don't worry, we get it you have a life to live in addition to your business so we aren't going to overwhelm you even more by throwing things at you when you aren't there to see it.

Have a lingering question? Feel free to email me at

Hi! I’m Danielle, a maker in business and craft business consultant. "Consultant" sounds so stuffy, so I prefer "biz bestie." I help entrepreneurial creative people like you who want to avoid or leave an office job they hate, have more freedom and flexibility, and turn a hobby into a real-life, profitable business. I have been there, done that and I can help you!

I've been selling my custom hand embroidery online and on Etsy since 2010 and have built a diverse and profitable business from the ground up. My work has been featured on TV and in national and international publications including Better Homes and Gardens, People Style Watch, The Today Show, Mollie Makes, Country Living, The Knot New York and Well Wed Magazine. I've reached thousands of new customers and built my business by being true to myself, and my talent and by investing in education!  

My trainings and courses has taught hundreds of sellers how to make thousands of dollars on seling the work they love to make. You should be one of them!

Join us!

"Never have I met anyone more knowledgable, innovative & kind in the realm in handmade business. If you are a new biz owner, Etsy veteran, or somewhere inbetween, you can always learn something from Danielle. The best part is, she has LIVED it. She has been successful in her own handmade business and knows kind of support us ladies need. I wouldn't take advice from anyone else. She tells you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. She gives a little bit of tough love, but it is only to help you better yourself and your business. She is truly amazing and that's really the bottom line."

 - Kimber

"Danielle truly knows the ins and outs of selling handmade. She is concise, straight-to-the-point, and full of information."

- Gillian

"I have so much more confidence than I used to, and I'm taking everything much more seriously. I'm making a little bit more money than I was, but I feel confident that the steps I'm taking are positioning me to be making a lot more money. I'm so grateful to Danielle for helping me make this work!"

- Leah 

"I consider The Merriweather Council one of the most important tools in my business. Not only does Danielle breakdown the fundamentals of selling handmade in a way that's easy to understand and implement, but she's also a constant encourager and confidence booster. The resources that Danielle has provided have helped to increase sales, gain exposure, and make decision-making easier and faster. I often refer to my shop BD (before Danielle) and AD (after Danielle). AD is where you want to be! Her content is accurate, precise, and actionable. And she has a genuine interest in her students succeeding and reaching their goals. I wouldn't trust anyone with my business that hasn't been there themselves. Danielle's experience as a successful handmade business owner is invaluable and something that you don't find everywhere."

 - Kim