Turn your next sales slump into your most VALUABLE season!

Panic inducing slow seasons can create chaos in your business that sticks with you even when sales pick back up.

The 3 evil stages of a slump

The reality phase

Whether you expect a slow season or not, it will start off feeling sluggish but not alarming. It doesn't feel good but you cautiously move into riding it out.

The energy zap

As your slow season progresses, you'll start to worry + begin trying to FIX it. This won't work and your energy will get zapped. You'll feel drained, defeated and unmotivated.

The frantic revival

Suddenly, things will pick up and you'll be behind. You spent so long feeling defeated and getting nothing done, now you've got to play catch up AND maintain business. Chaos.

  • This is particularly common in the summer months (June- October) for retailers of all sizes.
  • Summer is when people tend to go out, vacation and spend time and money on experiences, not products! This reflects to big + small product-based businesses as a sluggish, depressed sales season.
  • Efforts to combat this sluggish period fall flat for the same reasons things are slow to begin with: people aren't around to see our sales, and they are spending their money elsewhere.
  • However, as soon as kids go back to school and leaves start falling, retail sales recover and the busy season is here before we know it!
  • If summertime is not spent well, the holiday season opportunities dwindle and the season becomes harder to manage when it should be a lucrative, bustling time! Smart sellers will use their summer season to prep for a successful holiday season!
  • "Summer" and "holiday season" could easily be replaced with "winter" and "springtime holidays" or "January" and "valentine's day" ... no matter when your slow season is, your busy season will come around!
  • Use your slump wisely and reap the benefits!


A slow season shouldn't destroy your momentum. It should help you get ahead for your busy season + it can, if you know what to do with it.

The difference between a business that THRIVES overall and one that doesn't is a business owner who knows how to use their time wisely no matter what is going on with their sales volume.

You can be that business owner, we can help!

Introducing the unSLUMP

a comprehensive program featuring our 5 part formula to turning your slow season into your most valuable season.



30+ page guide and workbook with planning spaces - yours to print, bind* and take with you anywhere your summer or other slow season takes you! *Optional but recommended!


Blank weekly, dated calendar with planning spaces + important dates and holidays included for easier forecasting and planning June - December.


Access to video interviews with veteran and first-year sellers.


We know these are strange times but we FULLY believe that online business owners are uniquely positioned to weather this storm. We are including a video walkthrough to go over some COVID-19 considerations per part of our framework. This video will appear directly under your guidebook download inside of the program. COVID might be on the decline *fingers crossed* but we will continue to include our video walkthrough of COVID considerations which was recorded in the spring of 2020.



  • This is your essential guide to getting through the summer retail (or any other) slump completely prepared for your best holiday (or other busy) season yet!

😍 While our guide was built with summer in mind, it's completely applicable to ANY season of slump! Use it preceding the season you anticipate being busier or during the season you feel a bit stagnant. We're here for you.

  • After completing the unSLUMP you will have set the stage for a no-lose holiday season and your summer will have passed without sales-related stress.
  • Your unSLUMP materials will be available to you immediately upon purchase! You decide when you start, progress and implement! You do not need to wait for a start date or work on anyone else's schedule.


Danielle's Calendar

My own filled-in calendar so you can see exactly what I do and when between June and December!

Visibility Challenge Prompts

28 days of prompts outlining activities you can participate in or things you can do to generate more visibility for your business!

Holiday Observation Tracker

A guide to help you track what happens this holiday season so you are EVEN MORE prepared for the next one!

The danger isn't in the fact that sales are slow.

The fact that sales slow down sometimes is NOT truly the biggest issue. Surprised?

Here's what we know: when sales slow down, confidence begins to taper off, we feel less inspired, unmotivated and generally stressed.

Sales slumps can ZAP YOUR ENERGY so fast. (I know this from a lot of very dramatic firsthand experience.)

That energy zap is what you need to avoid!

Your sanity, motivation, and inspiration are all at risk during a slump - and YOU MUST protect those things.

The key to making it through a slump with your confidence intact is NOT contingent on increasing sales. It’s in knowing what to do instead. Knowing how to make this your most valuable season.

Using your downtime to prep is how you go from UH OH to OH YES not just in state of mind but in revenue, opportunities and other business performance metrics.

But, make no mistake: not all planning is good planning! (We found out the hard way so you don't have to. 😍)

Our re-usable approach is just 5 simple steps:

S. L. U. M. P.

  • Strategy
  • Logistics
  • Updates + Upgrades
  • Merchandizing
  • Promotion

The unSLUMP is jam-packed for any season

Done for you calendars!

Downloadable files for easy access!

30+ Guide + Workbook! We provide the PDF but you can get it bound if you'd like!

Exclusive video interviews!

How the unSLUMP helps you:

(the benefits are endless, but here are some of our favorites.)

  • Maintain positive focus
  • Plan your summer, fall, and winter so you'll know exactly what to work on when! (bye-bye boredom and confusion!)
  • Create better marketing + promotions this holiday that can benefit you into the new year
  • Get a bird's eye view of your business and the season ahead
  • Maximize the very short window of opportunity to transact with the average American buyer this holiday so you can increase profits without stress!
  • Track what works, change what doesn't and be EVEN more prepared throughout the year ahead.


You can spend your slow season lamenting lack of sales, offering discounts that won't give you the results you want, and feeling like a hot mess. OR You can use the unSLUMP guide to maintain positive focus and set yourself up for your best holiday season yet.




If you haven't experienced a slow season yet, you will! Let's get ahead of it. If you have experienced a slow season before, you KNOW you don't wanna do that again! Let's tackle the next one together.


If you have no holiday (or other busy) season experience to work from, this will be a massive asset ahead of your first! We've got lots of experience to share. (We learned the hard way so you don't have to.)


Don't we all. Our experience has shown us that until they know what to avoid, sellers will fall into the very common time traps during slow sales periods. Just avoid them before you get stuck in one.

happy unSLUMP alumns


Is this just for new sellers?

Not at all! Whether it's your first year or fourth year, we know the unSLUMP will help you improve the year ahead and get yourself set up for a more streamlined, profitable busy season without stressing when things are slow.

How will it be delivered to me?

You will access the unslump content through the same course portal as your Etsy Training Course! You can download the PDFs from there and save them to your own computer and print from there if you'd like. You can download it again any time if you lose track of the file. The videos are accessible on the site as well to watch whenever you'd like, as many times as you'd like!

Is the unSLUMP specific to Etsy sellers?

No way. The unSLUMP is appropriate for any maker in business who is selling online!

Why is the calendar June through December?

Our program is modeled using the summer as the slump season and working through that time to prep for the holiday season. That's why your calendars will show June through December timelines. You can apply the same ideas to ANY other time of year where you have slumps and surges.



  • 30+ Page Guide + Workbook
  • Blank Dated 2021 Calendar with Holidays Noted
  • Danielle's Sample Filled in Holiday Season Calendar
  • Veteran Seller Interview
  • First Year Seller Interview
  • Visibility Challenge
  • Holiday Season Observation Tracker



Hi, I'm Danielle

Ten days before Christmas, my handmade product was featured in a gift guide on The Today Show.

Ten days before Christmas in a different year, I was Featured Seller on Etsy.

These exciting moments for me and my business were difficult to enjoy OR maximize because 90 days before Christmas, I was too busy sulking through a slow season to be bothered with doing anything my future self would thank me for.

It took a few years but finally, I figured out what slow seasons aren't meant to be fixed. They just ARE. And we, as business owners, can utilize them. We are LUCKY to have the time, if we use it properly.

I came to understand that slow times aren't meant to be fixed. I redirected my focus to utilizing them my advantage and my entire year improved dramatically.

I've used my success in busy seasons and my lack of preparedness for them to create a plan for a more balanced year. Instead of feeling defeated in the slow times and crazed in the busy times, I feel productive year-round and more in control when things get busy.

My process for making it through slow season has been followed, implemented and loved by hundreds of craft-based business owners. I'd love to share it with you, too!

Whether you feel the slump in the summertime or some other time!

Real talk: EVERY business has seasons that are just a little slower than others. It's SO normal.

The difference between a business that THRIVES overall and one that doesn't is a business owner who knows how to use their time wisely no matter what is going on with their sales volume. You can be that business owner, we can help!

While our guide was built with summer in mind, it's completely applicable to ANY season of slump! Use it preceding the season you anticipate being busier or during the season you feel a bit stagnant. We're here for you.

Enjoy life + business, more, throughout the year!

If you use it properly, a slow sales period can help you see incredible success in the next busy season! Let us help you focus on what's next, instead of stress about something you very likely cannot change.

GET YOUR unSLUMP NOW for just $149!